Abroad in minutes sending and receiving money is very easy.

Established in October 2016, Istanbul Payment "ist-pay" is an effective and powerful financial institution that offers advantageous and alternative solutions in the field of international money transfer under the supervision of the CBRT.
  • Fast and Technological Infrastructure
  • Widespread Representative Network
  • Economic Commission Rates

Our Mission

Contributing to the dynamism of the economy by offering you individual and corporate solutions that are advantageous and multi-alternative, based on global experience in the field of money transfer.

Our Vision

To contribute to the economic freedom of individuals and institutions and to strengthen the country's economy with money transfer service as an effective and strong financial institution.

ist-pay, was established with the ideal of filling an important gap in the field of payment and contributing to the country's economy.

The aim of its activities in this direction is
fast and reliable with its
experienced and dynamic staff,
solution-oriented, money transfer service that provides time and commission advantage to its customers. is to present.

Board of Directors


Chairman of the Board

SARRAF, who was born in 1971 and was interested in trade at a young age, started to take an interest in trade professionally after completing his undergraduate education. Since 1998, he has been involved in Automotive Spare Parts Wholesale Trade, Electricity Production and Distribution Corporation, Iron and Steel Packaging Production, Foreign Trade Import and Export activities.

Zuhal Yurtsever

General Manager / Board Member

25 yılı Bankacılık ve Finans Kurumlarında olmak üzere 27 yıl finans, bankacılık tecrübesi bulunan Yurtsever, çalıştığı bankalarda Dış Ticaret, Destek ve Kontrol Operasyonları, Değişim ve Organizasyon Yönetimi-Program ve Proje Yönetimi, Kredi Operasyonları ve Teminat Yönetimi, Mali Suç Riski Operasyonları Ekiplerinde birçok görevde yer almış ve yöneticilik yapmıştır. 2017-2019 yıllarında HSBC Bank A.Ş.’de Mali Suç Riski Operasyonları grubunda bulunan Birimlerin yönetimini gerçekleştirmiş ve Mali Suç Riskinin önlenmesi amacıyla, oluşturulmuş, izleme ve kontrol faaliyetleri, yaptırım kontrolleri, gerçek zamanlı swift ödeme işlem izleme ve kontrolleri, dolandırıcılık faaliyetleri önleme ve izleme, Yasal Raporlama Süreçleri ve izleme faaliyetleri ile bu ekiplere ilişkin kalite kontrol süreçlerine liderlik etmiştir.

Süreyya SARRAF

Board Member

Born in 1982, SARRAF worked as an academician at the university in 2004 and 2005 after completing his Computer Software Engineering education. Sarraf, who is interested in the finance sector and wants to improve himself in this field, completed his master's degree in Finance at Istanbul Kultur University.

Doç. Dr. İbrahim SIRMA

Board Member

1976 yılı Malatya doğumludur. İstanbul Üniversitesi İktisat Fakültesi İşletme Bölümü’nden 1998 yılında mezun olmuştur. Devamında İstanbul Üniversitesi Sosyal Bilimler Enstitüsü Para, Sermaye Piyasaları ve Finansal Kurumlar Ana Bilim Dalında yüksek lisans eğitimini tamamlamış ve İstanbul Üniversitesi Sosyal Bilimler Enstitüsü İşletme Anabilim Dalında 2008 yılında doktorasını tamamlamıştır.
Affiliate Structure
The capital of Istanbul Payment and Electronic Money Inc. is 50.000.000 TL.
Share distribution is 100% by Asım Sarraf
We, as, İstanbul Ödeme ve Elektronik Para A.Ş. , completed the Licensing process under the Law on Payment and Security Settlement Systems, Payment Services and Electronic Monetary Organizations numbered 6493 successfully. Please click here to review the respective resolution adopted by the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency and The Central Bank of Turkey ist-pay license

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